Garmin Edge 500 Series

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Manufacturer Description

When we first heard the expression, "paralysis by analysis," we weren't sure what to believe. We knew ways to look info during a bike ride. Then we saw the SRM PC V computer. 4 lines of data at all times, plus a 5th line that toggles in between 2 various metrics. Brain pain. You were supposed to look at all that and still ride? We're not piloting a traveler jet.Garmin made the Edge 500 for people who were overwhelmed by the 705. Some were overwhelmed by all the data; some were overwhelmed by the size. The 500 is a nice size that can give you plenty of details however can keep it in check. The 500 is a great stand-alone bike computer that permits you very significant flexibility in terms of what you track on your ride. There are three fully-customizable ride screens, each holding up to 8 lines of data. You can run a couple of or three, and so on if you want. The 500 isn't telling you what data should opt for other data. You can choose it on your own. You wish to run temperature level and cadence? You can do it. As the system comes, you can get times, temperature level, altitude, slope, speed, cadence, and all the combinations you can think about in terms of averaging. You can pair the 500 with any ANT+ enabled powermeter, which at this minute means iBike, PowerTap, Quarq, and SRM, and include power data as well.The 500, while GPS-enabled, does not have mapping capabilities on the computer, so you can neither see a map nor have it determine a route. The system also does not have a virtual training partner function. It will, however map your collaborates so you can see the ride after it's over.The system works with Garmin's own Garmin Training Center program. The program is a free download from Garmin's site and is compatible with PC's running Windows XP or more recent and with Intel-based Macs running OS X 10.4 or later. The data can also be uploaded to the Garmin Connect site totally free, and to both WKO+ and TrainingPeaks. The Edge 500 steps 1.9 in wide by 2.7 in high by.85 in deep (4.

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