Sigma BC 2209 STS Triple Wireless + Alt Bicycle Speedometer by SIGMA

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We are delighted to offer the fantastic Sigma BC 2209 STS Triple Wireless + Alt Bicycle Speedometer.

With so many on offer these days, it is wise to have a name you can trust. The Sigma BC 2209 STS Triple Wireless + Alt Bicycle Speedometer is certainly that and will be a great acquisition.

For this great price, the Sigma BC 2209 STS Triple Wireless + Alt Bicycle Speedometer is highly respected and is always a regular choice for many people. SIGMA have added some excellent touches and this results in good value.

Manufacturer Description

The BC 2209 Triple Wireless + elevation speedometer is a multifunction device for elevation, speed, heart rate, cadence and temperature level. Thanks to the consisted of wrist strap, the device can also be used as a treking computer.

Versatile and dynamic, the Sigma BC 2209 STS triple wireless bicycle/hiking computer cuts a fine figure on handlebars however also fits on your wrist for hikes and climbs. In its cycling configuration, the BC 2209 STS displays your current speed, typical speed, and optimum speed, so you'll have a good idea whether you're the tortoise or the hare on the bike trail. You can also compare your current and typical speed on the exact same screen, or check the trip range and total range (the latter is only offered after your ride). The computer even offers a programmable trip area counter, a roadbook that lets you create a back-and-forth travel plan.

The BC 2209 STS's HR functions consist of ECG-precise measurements of your real, typical, and optimal heart rate, along with a zone alarm that informs you when you're exceeding or falling listed below your target heart rate. In the process, the computer monitors your calories burned thus far. The BC 2209 STS also includes a variety of time-specific functions, including a countdown timer that's best for racing against the clock; a stop-watch that keeps you sharp on periods; a display for expired and total riding time (the latter is only offered after your ride); and a time-keeping clock. And serious cyclists can opt to use the cadence functions (current and typical), which assist you ride effectively both on the roadway and in the woods. You can also turn off the cadence functions while riding.

The BC 2209 STS is more than just a cycling computer. The device, which comes with a wrist strap, measures your current elevation, ascending/descending elevation, and the day's optimum elevation, providing climbers and hikers a lot of vital training information (the computer also calculates your uphill elevation on a bike). Extra hiking functions consist of hiking time, target time, and a current temperature level display.

Completing the BC 2209's flexibility is its capability to instantly recognize a 2nd bike. That implies you can gauge the total range and ride time of either or both bikes, a helpful choice for couples or buddies who train together. Other features consist of 7 language settings, a backlight, a battery status display, and a backup function that protects your settings and details even when the battery passes away. The PC-compatible BC 2209 STS is also offered in a wired variation.

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Triple wireless bicycle computer that doubles as hiking aide Displays current speed, average speed, and maximum speed Measures actual, average, and maximum heart rate Measures current altitude, ascending/descending altitude, and max altitude PC-compatible; temperature display; adjustable to 2 wheel sizes

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