Top Folding Bikes

If you are tired of carrying around and storing your heavy bike, then it is time for a new folding bike! While some might be skeptical about folding bikes, they really are ideal for anyone and fit everyone’s budget. If you are new to folding bikes or are looking for another folding bike to add to your beautiful collection, there are some best options available that might suit your needs. Before purchasing your new bike answer the following simple questions which will help you determine which bike to purchase.

-How often will you be using the bike?

-Where will you be using the bike?

-Do you want a chair driven or a belt driven bike?

-How many gears will you need? If you are going to be using the bike on flat/city surfaces then you will only need one gear but if you plan on taking the bike on trails or hills, a multiple gear bike is more ideal.

-Will you be taking the bike on vacations/luggage?

Some top folding bikes options that might suit your needs and budget include:

Stowabike 20" City Bike- This bike is great for the city, easy to fold and store. This handy bike also has a mud guard that will keep you clean and a 6 speed grip shifter.

Dahon Speed D7- This bike has seven speeds which means you can take it on hills without a problem and the bike can be easily folded in 15 seconds. This Dahon bike also has telescoping handles which ensures that every rider will be comfortable no matter what height they are.

TOKYO Citizen Bike- This Citizen bike is a great 16’’ wheel folding bike that has six speeds for your comfort and needs. This Tokyo Citizen Bike is also easy to store since it is so compact and very easy to fold up.

Schwinn Hinge Folding Bike- This Schwinn bike is equipped with 20’’ wheels, adjustable seat post, and handy rear rack for bags and other items.

Columba 20" Alloy- This is a 20’’ wheel folding bike that has great features including seven speed shifter and a rear rack. This bike weighs about 31 pounds and is extremely easy to fold up for easy storage. This bike will take you from city streets to the part to your camping trails and more!

Montague Boston-This popular Montague folding bike is great for longer commutes and is very comfortable. This amazing bike weighs only 24 pounds even with a full-size frame! This bike is truly for the city dwellers as it only has one speed.

The above are some of the available and popular choices amongst bikers who love the ease and comfort of folding bikes. Purchase your folding bike today and enjoy your new folding bikes!