VDO Z2PC Link Heart Rate Monitor and Cycle Computer with PC Syncing Cable and Training Analysis Software by VDO

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We are happy to stock the brilliant VDO Z2PC Link Heart Rate Monitor and Cycle Computer with PC Syncing Cable and Training Analysis Software.

With so many available right now, it is great to have a name you can recognise. The VDO Z2PC Link Heart Rate Monitor and Cycle Computer with PC Syncing Cable and Training Analysis Software is certainly that and will be a superb buy.

For this great price, the VDO Z2PC Link Heart Rate Monitor and Cycle Computer with PC Syncing Cable and Training Analysis Software is highly respected and is always a popular choice for most people. VDO have added some excellent touches and this equals great value for money.

Manufacturer Description

For the cyclist that wants a heart rate display that is created mainly with cyclists in mind! Z2 PC Link features PC docking station, USB cable and training software application so you can tape, download and analyse your bike and heart rate information. Biking functions consist of: current/average/max speed, trip time (total bike 1/bike 2/bike 1 +2), Trip (total bike 1/ bike 2/ bike 1 +2), 2nd trip range, cadence present/ ave./ max (with purchase of separate cadence kit), 5 various training timers can be chosen. Heart Rate works consist of: current/average/maximum heart rate, heart rate as a perchentage of individual max heart rate, 3 training zones can be set, training timers can be chosen, lap timer for 50 laps, calorie usage, recuperation measurement (time or target rate.) Further features: Digital wirless on 2.4 Ghz with Ant+Sport protocol, 6 functions at a time on display screen, sleep mode, clock/alarm, service interval sign (programmable), can be warn as a wrist installed sports watch, 5 Year warranty.Elegantly created,

the wrist-style VDO Z2PC cycle computer system will keep track of your training with integrated heart rate monitoring in addition to calorie usage and fully digital wireless transmission for speed, heart rate, and cadence (with optional device). The Z2PC provides information storage and the ability to download it to your PC for analysis with the included software application. It also features ANT+S port wireless signal coding that transmits to your computer system without disturbance from other training computers close by. It's backed by a five-year warranty and includes a USB docking station. PC Download Features 100 hours storage ability(optimum 100 specific trips of

1 hour each)Download of

  • all biking, cadence, heart rate information to PC Lap information separately flagged for simple identification and analysis Graph or spread sheet-display of trip(
  • either on time axis or on range axis)Training-Analyzer-Software( by week, by month, by year) Docking-Station with USB connection, suitable to Windows XP and Vista Timing and Heart Rate Monitoring Features Current
  • speed and range; average speed Real time comparison of real and average speed

    , indication by arrows showing speed difference

    • of+/-1 km/h Second, separately programmable
    • range counter; either forward or backward counting possible Cadence Data(optional, with cadence sender devices installed)Two presettable wheel circumferences( wheel sizes)Six selectable timers Current trip timer(as much as 24 hours)Current heart rate (completely displayed), ECG-precise measurement Average/maximum heart rate Current heart rate in % of individual optimum heart rate Time in % of total training time: within the predetermined
    • heart rate limits(Limit Zone)below the predetermined heart rate limits(Limit Zone)above the predetermined heart rate limits( Limit Zone )Calorie-consumption on present trip Recovery time or
      • recuperation heart rate measurement(adjustable time or heart rate )Lap-timer for 50 laps
      • with information for lap time, average speed and average heart
    • rate Audible signal if present heart
    • rate is above or below limitation settings. Individual information presettable (age, weight, sex, individual optimum heart rate)Automatic estimation or manual setting of upper/lower limits for each
    • of the 3 training zones Current time, selectable 12 -or 24 -hour display screen Alarm function


Wrist-style cycling computer with heart rate monitoring Download data to PC for analysis with included software; USB docking station; compatible with Windows XP/Vista Current heart rate in % of personal maximum heart rate; audible signal if above or below limit settings Two presettable wheel circumferences, six selectable timers; lap-timer for 50 laps Backed by 5-year warranty

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